ROSS - SERPAR® Crossflow Press Control Double Valves
Pilot Solenoid: Two,rated for continuous duty.
Standard voltages: 100-110 volts 50 Hz, 100-120 volts, 24, 110, volts DC.Other voltages available.
Power Consumption: Each solenoid, 87 VA inrush, 30 VA holding on 50 or 60 Hz ; 14 wtts on DC
Electrical Connections: Multipin Connector.
Ambient Temperature: 4 to 50 C (40 to 120 F)
Media Temperature: 4 to 80 C (40 to 175 F)
Flow Media: Filtered air.
Pressure Range: 2 to 8.5 bar (30 to 125 psi)
Ports: NPT threads.

Both solenoids must be energized simultaneously to shift the valve; maintained signal required to keep valve shifted.
Valve Response Time (msec) = M + F * V
average time required to fill volume V (cubic inches) to 90 percent of supply pressure or to exhaust it to 10 percent of supply pressure.M and F values are shown in chart below. See Valve Response Time on page 18. Rating also on page 18.

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