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The company, with headquarters in Ingelfingen in southern Germany continuously develops customized solutions and innovative products in five system houses in Germany, China and the USA, as well as four research centres.



The type 8177 is a non-contact ultrasonic level measuring device, designed for continuous level measurement in open or closed vessels. The unit is suitable for liquids, but also for solids, in virtually all industries, particularly in water and waste water management.


The Type 8138 is a non-contact radar level transmitter for continuous level measurement. It is particularly suitable for use in small vessels that contain beverage liquids under sanitary process conditions.


Type 8137 - Radar Level measurement device for higher pressure ranges

Series KM-10

Series KM-10 electrically operated 5/2-way and 5/3-way, nominal size 6 mm and G1/8, nominal size 9 mm and G1/4


The 0121 valve is a direct-acting, media separated pivoted armature valve. It is available in 3/2- and 2/2-way versions.

Type 117 is a normally-closed direct-actingplunger-type solenoid valve with PTFE-coated diaphragm.

เพื่อเลือกชนิดและขนาดของวาล์วที่เหมาะสม สำหรับระบบที่ใช้ความดันสูงกว่า 1 bar โดยเฉพาะวาล์วที่เป็นระบบเปิดปิดทางอ้อมและแบบลูกผสมจะต้องมีการควบคุมอัตราการไหลของขาออกเพื่อรักษาความต่างศักย์ของความดัน (pressure drop) ระหว่างขาเข้าและขาออกให้ไม่เกิน 1 bar...

The main components of this valve type are a coil, a closing spring, a valve body cover and the valve body with the seat.

Type 2006

Pneumatically operated 3/2-way seat valve CLASSIC

  For mixing or distributing of media
  Controlled by a pilot valve or centrally by a valve island
  Flow optimised body in stainless steel
  Long life time and maintenance-free operation

The Bürkert 3/2-way seat valve Type 2006 consists of a pneumatically operated CLASSIC actuator and a 3-way valve body. The actuator is available in two different materials, PA or PPS, depending on the ambient temperature. Interchanging of pressure and working connections enables different fluidic...


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