Plunger valve 2/2 way direct-acting

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Plunger valve 2/2 way direct-acting

Valve 6013 is a direct-acting plunger valve. The stopper and plunger guide tube are welded together to enhance pressure resistance and leak-tightness. Various seal material combinations are available depending on the application. A Bürkert-specific flange design (SFB) enables space-saving arrangement of valves on a manifold. The coils are moulded with polyamide or with chemically resistant epoxy. Pulse coils and 'Kick and Drop' electronics are available for overexcitation (plug 2511) for the reduction of electrical power consumption during operation. Optional manual actuation enables quick commissioning and easy maintenance. In combination with a plug in accordance with DIN EN 17301-803 Form A, the valves satisfy protection class IP65. Stainless steel valves satisfy NEMA 4X.

  Direct-acting and compact valve up to diameter of DN 6.0
  Vibration-proof, bolted coil system
  Increased leak-tightness with welded plunger guide tube
  Explosion proof versions
  Energy-saving pulse versions

Circuit Function A
: 2/2 way direct-acting solenoid valve, normally closed


Circuit Function B
: 2/2 way direct-acting solenoid valve, normally open

Technical data

Body material

Type 6013
Type 6013 A

Brass, stainless steel 1.4305
Brass, stainless steel 1.4305

Seal materialFKM, PTFE/Graphite (EPDM on request)

Analysis version

Type 6013 A

Silicon, oil and fat free version
Tightness <10-4 mbar l/s
Limit value for risidual carbon
Type 6013 A
<0.2 mg/dm²


Type 6013
Type 6013 A

• Technical vacuum
• Neutral gases and liquids
(e.g. compressed air, water, hydraulic oil)
• Neutral medium, which does not attack the body
and seal materials (see chemical resistance chart)
Medium temperature
FKM, Circuit function B
-10 to +100 °C (PA coil) till 120 °C (Epoxy coil)
-40 to +180 °C (see chemical resistance chart)
-10 to 100 °C (AC) -10 to 120 °C (DC)
Ambient temperatureMax. +55 °C
Viscosity Max. 21 mm²/s
Port connection
Type 6013
Type 6013 A

G ⅛, G ¼, G ⅜, sub-base (SFB)
G ⅛, G ¼
Operating voltage
Type 6013
Type 6013 A

24 V DC, 24 V/50 Hz, 230 V/50 Hz
24 V DC, 230 V/50 Hz (other voltages on request)
Voltage tolerance±10%
Duty cycle/single valve
With block assembly on manifold
100% continuous rating
Intermittent operation 60% (30 min) or with 5 W coil on request
Electrical connectionTag connector acc. to DIN EN 175301-803 Form A
(previously DIN 43650) for cable plug Type 2508
(see accessories)
ATEX/IECEx version with 3 m moulded cable
InstallationAs required, preferably with actuator upright
AssemblyNo oils, fats or silicone to be used during installation
Protection classIP65 with cable plug, ATEX/IECEx junction box version and cable connection version
Coil insulation classPolyamide class B
Epoxy class H

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