Direct-acting 2/2 or 3/2 way pivoted armature valve

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The 0121 valve is a direct-acting, media separated pivoted armature valve. It is to be had in 3/2- and 2/2-manner versions. As a 3/2-way version, it is able to be used as a distributor or blending valve. Various diaphragm fabric combos and techniques of operation are to be had depending on the application. The housing offering includes stainless-steel (316L), PTFE, and PVC versions. The solenoid coils are moulded with a chemically resistant epoxy. The coil system is separated via a diaphragm from the media and therefore especially appropriate for competitive media as alkaline and acidic solutions. The 0121 is equipped with guide override for commissioning and testing. For reduced power requirements, all coils may be introduced with electronic strength reduction or as an impulse version. The switching status can be indicated with position comments as a binary or NAMUR signal. In mixture with a plug in accordance with DIN EN 17301-803 Form A, the valves satisfy safety class IP65/67 – in mixture with a stainless-steel or plastic housing NEMA 4X.

  • Direct-acting, media separated valve with diameter of as much as DN 8
  • Maintenance-loose pivoted armature technology
  • Vibration-proof, block screwed coil system
  • Service-friendly, durable guide override
  • Explosion evidence versions

Burkert Type 0121 Can be combined with : Type 1087 , Type 2518



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