Stainless Steel L-O-X® Lockout Valves | 15 Series Lockout Valves

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The standard specifications for the products on each page of this catalog are given on the same page or referenced.

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Stainless Steel L-O-X® Lockout Valves | 15 Series Lockout Valves

Features & Benefits

  Easily identified by unique shape
  Corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel construction
  Reliable Fluorocarbon seals withstand contaminant ingression
  Self-draining, washdown suitable design
  Trusted L-O-X® performance, Lockable only in the OFF position
  Standard pressure sensing port with optional pressure switch or visual indicator
  Simple push/pull of the large handle provides direct manual operation
  Pressure sensing port allows installation of either the visual indicator or pressure switch to verify pressure downstream to the next obstruction is released
  Large exhaust port for rapid release of pressure

Standard Specifications
The standard specifications for the products on each page of this catalog are given on the same page or referenced. For solenoid pilot valves, models with internal pilot supply are listed. Most models are also available for use with external pilot supply or have a built-in pilot supply selector valve.

The products in this catalog are intended for use in industrial pneumatic systems. Most products are adaptable to other uses and conditions not covered by the standard specifications given in this catalog. Weights shown are approximate and are subject to change. Dimensions given, unless otherwise noted, are envelope dimensions (not for mounting). Consult ROSS for further information.

Port Threads
Ports of valves and bases described in this catalog have NPT (ANSIB2.1) threads. Other thread types can be specified by putting an appropriate prefix letter on the model number when ordering.

All ROSS standard solenoids are rated for continuous duty (unlessnoted otherwise) and will operate the valve within the air pressure range specified in this catalog. Explosion-Proof Solenoid Pilot available, for more information consult ROSS.

 Product Information
 15 Series Stainless Steel Manual Lockout L-O-X Valves Installation



ROSS 27 Series valves are not designed as control valves for air clutch/brake mechanisms on mechanical power presses, and must not be installed for such use.

ISO 5599-1 W60

ISO 5599-1 Poppet Valves W60 Series


SERPAR® 35 Series

SERPAR® 35 Series | Double Valves with Pneumatic L-G Monitor, Ports 1/2 to 2

27 Series

The ROSS® Poppet valves 27 Series are inline mounted valves available with single or double air pilot or solenoid pilot control. This high flow 2 position valve is available in 2, 3 and 4-way configurations.

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