EAX Ultrasonic Level Transmitter



The ultrasonic level transmitter is a non-contact, low-cost and easy-to-install measuring device. It can be applied to most industrial applications for both solids and liquids. Most important aspect of is that it is easy-to-install and low maintenance due to no moving parts.


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EAX Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

During operation, the device emits a wave to the medium to be measured. The wave reflects off the surface and moves back to the device where a transducer calculates the distance. The distance is based on the time interval between transmission and reception of the wave. 

  • D = (334.1+0.6t) x T/2,
  • D = the transmission distance;
  • t = temperature;
  • T= transmission time.

With 4~20mA output, it can be connected to the PLC,DSC and SCADA systems. In addition, it is also equipped with exclusive PULSE and AGC (Auto Gain Control) echo tracking technology to ensure accuracy and precision even in the harshest environments.


  • 4~20mA 2 wire output (Fully isolated) with HART
  • 7~30Vdc power supply
  • IP67 protection casing
  • Transducer material : PVDF
  • False echo detection
  • Internal temperature compensation.
  • Beam angle : 7
  • Not affected by liquid temperature, S.G, viscosity
  • Maximum range to 12 meters(40 ft).


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