BURKERT TYPE 8056 | Full bore magmeter, hygienic process connections

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BURKERT TYPE 8056 | Full bore magmeter, hygienic process connections

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The complete full bore magflowmeter Type 8056, which consists of a magnetic sensor fitting Type S056 connected to an electronics Type SE56 (blind in compact version or with display in compact or remote version) is designed for applications with liquids with a minimum conductivity of 5 μS/cm.

Combined with a valve as the actuating element, the complete magflowmeter Type 8056 can control high-precision dosing operations and flow measurement in food & beverage or pharmaceutical industry

General data - S056 sensor fitting
CompatibilitySE56 electronics (see corresponding data sheet)
Bodystainless steel 304
Electrode (2 in standard)Stainless steel 316L
SealFKM or EPDM* (conform to FDA)
Electrical connection2 cable glands PG9

Data complete flowmeter 8056 - (S056 sensor fitting + SE56 electronics)
Pipe diameterDN03...DN100
Measuring range0…10 l/h to 0…280 m3/h
Process connectionDIN11851, Clamp ISO2852 or Clamp BS4825
[SMS1146 (from DN10)]*
Medium temperaturesee medium temperature chart on page 3 
Medium pressure max.PN16 (232 PSI)
Vacuum resistance200 mbar (2.9 PSI) absolute at 100 °C (212 °F)
Measurement deviation1) 2)±0.2% of reading (SE56 standard; SE56 blind)
±0.8% of reading (SE56 basic)
Repeatability±0.1% (SE56 standard; SE56 blind)
±0.2% (SE56 basic)
Minimum conductivity5 mS/cm (or 20 mS/cm with demineralized water)
Ambient temperature with
SE56 standard-20…+60 °C (-4…+140 °F) (operating and storage)
SE56 basic-10…+50 °C (+14…+122 °F) (operating),
-20…+50 °C (-4…+122 °F) (storage)
SE56 blind-20…+40 °C (-4…+104 °F) (operating and storage)
Standards, directives and certifications
Protection classIP65 and IP67 (compact version, SE56 standard or SE56 blind); IP65 (remote version, SE56 standard), IP68 (remote version and junction box filled with resin, SE56 standard); IP65 (compact version, SE56 basic)
Standards and directives CEThe applied standards, which verify conformity with the EU Directives, can be found on the EU Type Examination Certificate and/or the EU Declaration of conformity (if applicable)

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