BURKERT TYPE S030 | Inline sensor-fitting with paddle wheel for flow measurement

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BURKERT TYPE S030 | Inline sensor-fitting with paddle wheel for flow measurement


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The sensor-fitting S030 has a built-in paddle wheel to measure the flow rate. When liquid flows through the pipe, the paddle wheel is set in rotation producing pulses which frequency is proportional to the flow rate

The Bürkert "INLINE Quarter-turn" technology is a construction ensuring a leakage free

The paddle wheel rotation (permanent magnets included in the wheels) is detected contactless through the sensor-fitting wall. The transmitter can be snapped-on or removed without opening the pipe or interrupting the process.


Minimum straight inlet and outlet distances must be observed. According to the pipes design, necessary distances can be bigger or use a flow conditioner to obtain the best results. The most important layouts that could lead to turbulence in the flow are shown below, together with the associated prescribed minimum inlet and outlet distances determined according to the standard EN ISO 5167-1

The device can be installed into either horizontal or vertical pipes

Pressure and temperature ratings must be in accordance to the selected sensor-fitting material. The suitable pipe size is selected using the diagram flow rate/velocity/DN.


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