BURKERT TYPE S020 | Insertion fitting for flow or analytical measurement

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BURKERT TYPE S020 | Insertion fitting for flow or analytical measurement

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The fitting can be used to connect any Insertion device for a measurement in the pipe. e.g. for flow, pH, oxidation reduction potential (O.R.P) and conductivity measurement.

The fitting is available for paddle wheel and electromagnetic flowmeters and analytical measurement devices having a G 2" or a clamp connection.

1) Combination between fitting and measuring device is sometimes restricted to some DN (see diagram: combining
the S020 with a measuring device on next page)
2) Temperature and pressure limits may depend on the inserted device. Refer to the relevant data sheet or instruction manual and the pressure/temperature diagram of the fluid on next page. If the temperature or pressure ranges
given for the adapter and the inserted device are different, use the most restrictive range

* The device conforms to Article 4, Paragraph 1 of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU under the
following conditions : Device used on a pipe (PS = maximum admissible pressure; DN = nominal diameter of the pipe).

Pressure/temperature diagram

Combining the S020 with a measuring device for flow rate, pH or O.R.P., conductivity measurement

* Except fittings with external threads acc. to SMS 1145, weld ends acc. to SMS 3008, BS 4825‑1/ASME BPE/DIN 11866 series C or DIN 11850 series 2/DIN 11866 series A/DIN EN 10357 series A, Clamp acc. to SMS 3017, BS 4825‑3/ASME BPE, DIN 32676 series A for 8020, 8025, 8026

** See Note on each fitting dimensions diagram

*** Only use plastic fitting in analytical version with true union acc. to DIN 8063 (PVC), to DIN 16962 (PP) or to ISO 10931 (PVDF)

For further details about the various combination possibilities (measuring device and fitting), please consult the measuring device related data sheet. 

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