BURKERT Type 5406 | Piston valve 2/2 way servo-assisted

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BURKERT Type 5406 | Piston valve 2/2 way servo-assisted

Type 5406 valves are pilot-controlled solenoid valves with servo pistons. Depending on the version, these valves can be used either as feed line or circulation valves. The valves fulfill the requirements of a safety shut off valve according to DIN EN 23553-1. It is approved by TÜV-Süd and certified by DIN Certco. The universal coil system reduces logistics and service expenses.



hnical Data

MediumHeating oil (EL, L, M, S) acc. to DIN 51603 part 1-6
Shipping fuels acc. to ISO 8217
Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) acc. to DIN EN 14213
Rapeseed oil acc. to DIN V 51605
Viscosity1.6 to 76 mm2/s
Medium temperature0…160 °C
Ambient temperature-15 to +60 °C
Body materiaBrass, stainless steel
Seal material



Coil materialInsulation class H: Epoxy
Port connectionG ¼, G ⅜, G ½, G ¾
Protection classIP65
Voltages110 V/50 Hz, 230 V/50 Hz others on request
Duty cycleContinuous operation 100% ED
Electrical connectionacc. to DIN EN 175301-803 Form A
DIN Certco registration
DN Reg. No.
6 5S255
13 5S255
20 5S255

Download Data Sheet : BURKERT Type 5406

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