New Modular Valve and Sensor Platform for process temperature control

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New Modular Valve and Sensor Platform for process temperature control

The right temperature is crucial in many applications. Our Modular Valve and Sensor Platform can help you with this task.

Whether for tool temperature control in aluminum die-casting or for cooling extrusion profiles - precise temperature control of cooling circuits and heating sections is a decisive quality factor in many industrial processes in metal and plastics processing.

Therefore our Modular Platform can be adapted to your specific process requirements and easily expanded. We develop individual valve clusters, multi-channel flow control systems as well as complete control cabinets according to your needs.

Design of the Modular Platform for your process temperature control
Our wide range of valves and sensors build the basis of the Modular Platform. Due to the large selection of different electromotive & pneumatic valves and sensors with different measuring principles, we can measure and control flow, pressure and temperature reliably and accurately. Delivered as an individual complete system, the platform easily fits into your application and offers numerous advantages.

Your advantages at a glance
✓ Zero dead leg & energy-efficient piping
✓ Leak-proof, even with extreme temperature fluctuations
✓ Easy cabling, commissioning & parameterization thanks to EDIP
✓ Close-to-tool placement and energy efficiency thanks to compact design

Discover application examples and more advantages of our Modular Process Control Platform for Heating and Cooling.

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