Piston rod cylinders | Series XL ISO 15552 double acting

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Piston rod cylinders | Series XL ISO 15552 double acting

From the small-and-compact to the-large and-powerful, AIRTEC offers an impressive choice of pneumatic cylinders. Short cylinders, compact cylinders, round cylinders and cylinders with aluminum profiles, as well as large cylinders up to 320mm in diameter – AIRTEC can deliver them all to your door as soon as you need them. An extensive range of accessories and attachments, including drive systems and pneumatic/hydraulic braking systems and clamping systems, round out the AIRTEC range in the field of piston-driven cylinders.

Together with our extensive range of valve technology, AIRTEC has the field of round cylinders and tie rods well and truly covered, too – stainless steel fittings crafted for special use are also available.

Technical details

Operating pressure1 ... 10 bar
Temperature range-20°C ... +80°C ( XL, XLD, XLL )
( XLH: -10°C ... +150°C, XLC/ XLCD: -40°C ...+80°C )
Max. stroke2800 mm
MediumFiltered, oil-free and dried compressed air according to ISO 8573-1:2010, Class 7:2:4, instrument air, free of aggressive additives. Alternatively the pressure dew point must be at least 10°C below lowest occurring ambient temperature.
MaterialsCylinder tube   :   Al (anodized)
End caps          :   Al-die-cast (painted)
Piston rod        :   steel hard chrome plated (optional 1.4301)
Seals                 :   PU, NBR (optional FKM)
  Cylinders in accordance with 2014/34/EU (ATEX) available. (Chapter 13)

Double acting Al-profile cylinder with integrated sensor grooves, adjustable cushions and magnetic piston for proximity sensors. The sensors can be installed directly into the sensor grooves of the Al-profile. Standard stroke lengths in table below, additional lengths on request.

050, 054, 000, 004
double acting, adjustable cushioning,
with magnetic piston
450, 454, 400, 404
double acting, double end piston rod, adjustable cushioning, with magnetic piston
152, 102
double acting, adjustable cushioning
552, 502
double acting, double end piston rod, adjustable cushioning

Dimensions series XL

Mounting accessories XLB-xxx-yy


Download Data Sheet : Series XL


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