KK01 - Positioner and Process Controller

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KK01 - Positioner and Process Controller

The intelligent positioner Type 8692 or process controller Type 8693 are designed for integrated mounting on pneumatic actuators and specifically for the requirements of hygienic process environments. The initialisation of the process controller and positioner can be automatically performed using TUNE function. The easy handling and the selection of additional software functions and parameterisation are done on an illuminated graphic display. Device configuration and parameterisation can also be carried out easily by the Bürkert COMMUNICATOR software tool via a PC interface.

Positioner TopControl Type 8692Process Controller TopControl Type 8693


  • Hygienic stainless steel design according to EHEDG guidelines
  • Contact- and wear-free inductive position sensor
  • Highly dynamic positioning system for single and double-acting actuators
  • No air consumption in controlled state
  • Integrated diagnostic functions for valve monitoring
  • PROFIBUS DP-V1, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP or büS (Bürkert System Bus)

Customer benefits

  • Intuitive and easy operation via illuminated graphic display and keypad
  • Easy Start-up through automatic initialisation of positioners and process controllers using TUNE function
  • Guaranteed reliability and predictable maintenance through valve monitoring and diagnosis

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