Pedal Protected - Spring


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The series 200 consist of abroad range of valves with various type of actuation. The connections for this series arefrom G1/8" to G1"


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The series 200 consist of abroad range of valves with various type of actuation. The connections for this series arefrom G1/8" to G1"  Pedal Protected - Spring

Due to their special construction with abalanced spool, these valves can be used interchangeably as 3 ways or 5 ways as can be seen in the functional schematics insection 0. This is important because, for example, the 3 way can be used normally closed or normally open and the 5 ways can be fed through the exhausts 3 and 5 with different pressures according to the need. The spool, as it is moving, isolates the connections without being effected by the inlet pressure.

The main components constituting the valves of the Tecno 228 series are manufactured with high performance technopolymer. The use of technopolymer has resulted in a light weight product which can be offered to the market at very interesting prices. This valve series ismanufactured with 1/8" connections, 3 and 5 warys function, mechanical or pneumatically operatd, monostable spring or pneumatic return, bistable and in 5 ways 3 positions version with closed, open and pressured centres. This series is completely interchangable with the standard 228 series (with alluminium body).

Construction Characteristics

 G 1/8" - G 1/4" - G1/2" - G1"G 1/8" (in Technopolymer T288 Series)


SpoolStainless steel
Technopolymer (5/2 version)
Nickel plated steel (5/3 version)
SpacersTechnopolymer (Aluminium for G 1")Technopolymer
SpringSpring steelSpring steel

Maximum fitting torque (for T228 series)

ThreadMaximum Torque
G 1/8"4

Use and maintenance

These valves have an average life of 15 million cycles depending on the application and air quality, filtered and lubricated air using specified lubricants will dramatically reduce the wear of the seals and ensures long and trouble free operation.

Please ensure that the valve is being used according with the manufacturers specification, such as air pressure and temperature and that exhaust ports 3 & 5 are protected against the possible ingress of dirt or debris.

Repair kits including the spool complete with seals are available for overhauling the valves; however, although this is a simple operation it should be carried out by acompetent person.

ATTENTION : use hydraulic oil class H for lubrication such as MAGNA GC 32 (Castrol).


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