Cylinders according to standard ISO 6431 Basic version


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Cylinders according to standard ISO 6431 - VDMA24562 Series 1319 - 1320 - 1321

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Basic version

This is the configuration that represents the basic cylinder according to ISO-VDMA standards. It can be directly anchored on machine parts using the four thread on the end cover. For other applications see the following pages where different types of attachments are shown.

Construction Characteristics

 G 1/8" - G 1/4" - G1/2" - G1"G 1/8" (in Technopolymer T288 Series)


SpoolStainless steel
Technopolymer (5/2 version)
Nickel plated steel (5/3 version)
SpacersTechnopolymer (Aluminium for G 1")Technopolymer
SpringSpring steelSpring steel

Maximum fitting torque (for T228 series)

ThreadMaximum Torque
G 1/8"4

Cylinders according to standard ISO 6431 VDMA 24562 | Series 1319 - 1320 - 1321


This series of pneumatic cylinders is manufactured according to ISO 6431 standards adapted to VDMA 24562 and CNOMO/AFNOR 49003 that guarantee the interchangeability of the cylinders even without mounted anchoring.

It differs from the 1300 and 1303 series mainly due to the different pitch of the mounting holes on the end plates and of the barrel made of anodized and shaped aluminium; the tie rods have been eliminated for bores from 32 to 125 mm and the end covers are mounted directly on the barrel with special male/female screws, while for bore 160 and 200 mm it is still used the tie rods going through the barrel fixing holes.

The barrel is extruded on the inside to guarantee precision with low friction; oxydation hardens the sliding surface of the seals allowing work even without lubrication.

The magnetic piston can be mounted to activate the limit switch with Reed contact and all types of anchorings are available according to ISO-VDMA standards, that can be fixed to the end plates with socket head screws.

To order single acting cylinders (up to Ø 125, 50 mm maximum stroke), add to the code of the chosen cylinder abreviation MA for the front spring and MP for the rear spring.
For example: 1320.32.50.01MA 1320.50.25.01MP


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