AIRTEC Series 84-4F


SKU : Series 84-4F

AIRTEC Series 84-4F | manually operated valves foot pedal operated 5/2-way, G1/4


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Mechanically operated valves

They’re robust, they have long working-lives and they come in a broad range of dimensions and models – AIRTEC’s mechanical and manually operated valves are known for their quality and are used in all sorts of industries. Variations of our standard offerings include our stainless-steel model and our special AIRNOX-coated model. It’s features like these that make AIRTEC components the top performers in extreme production environments.

Series 84-4F - manually operated valves foot pedal operated 5/2-way, G1/4

Technical details

Nominal size (mm)9
Temperature range0°C ... +60°C
MediumFiltered, oil-free and dried compressed air according to ISO 8573-1:2010, Class 7:2:4, instrument air, free of aggressive additives. Alternatively the pressure dew point must be at least 10°C below lowest occurring ambient temperature.
MaterialsBody: Al (anodized), seals: NBR , inner parts: Al, steel

Foot pedal operated spool valve.


84-4FF-511-14-H 5/2-way, pedal, mechanical spring return
84-4FR-520-14-H 5/2-way, two positions, pedal, detent


Technical data

Operating pressure (bar)0 ... 80 ... 8
Flow rate (Nl/min)530530
Weight (kg)0.9000.900




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