Double Valves for Clutch/Brake Control (DM2DDA54A2X)



DM2 Series D | Press Control Double Valves With Internal Dynamic Monitoring & Memory Clutch/Brake Control DM2 Series D | Authorized in Thailand


หมวดหมู่ : Heavy Industrial Valve Press Control Brand Ross

แบรนด์ : ROSS


Description : Double Valves for Clutch/Brake Control (DM2DDA54A2X)

DM2®Monitoring :

The DM2® is a patented 3/2 normally closed valve (with an intermediate, lockout position) distinguished by SERPAR® Crossflow passages with poppet and spool valving on the main valve stems. This arrangement provides the valve’s outstanding flow characteristics and an integrated monitoring capability with total memory. The valve provides dynamic monitoring and dynamic memory.

Dynamic Monitoring means that all monitoring components change state on every valve cycle. Should the valve elements cycle asynchronously, the valve will exhaust downstream air and lock-out, prohibiting further operation.

Dynamic Memory withina monitoring system indicates that when a valve lock-out occurs, the valve will retain the fault information regardless of air or electrical changes. The DM2® system can only be reset by a defined operation/procedure, and will not self-reset (turning the valve off and on) or reset when inlet air supply is removed and re-applied. Such automatic resetting would conceal potential hazards from the operator.

Explosion-Proof solenoid pilot valves available, consult ROSS.GG1

Double Valves for Clutch/Brake Control
DM2® Series D, Self Monitored

Features & Benefits

  Highly contaminant tolerant poppet construction
  High flow, clog resistant silencers
  Provides redundancy, dynamic monitoring and memory for the mechanical press industry regarding the control of pneumatically controlled clutch and brake applications
  Base mounted

Port Size (In)3/4"
Port ThreadBSPP
Voltage24 VDC
Status IndicatorPort Available
Reset TypeSolenoid
Cv (In-Out)4.6
Port Size (Out)3/4"
Port Size (Exhaust)Built in Silencer
Cv (Exhaust)12.55
Mounting TypeBase Mounted
Inlet SideDual Ported Left/Right
Monitor TypePneumatic
OverrideWithout Override
Input to Main SolenoidIndependent
Solenoid ConnectionDIN
Status Indicator ConnectionIndicator not included
WEIGHT:9.1 lbs (4.13 kg)

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