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The purpose of producing a rodless cylinder is to provide a space saving option over conventional cylinders.

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The purpose of producing a rodless cylinder is to provide a space saving option over conventional cylinders. On a traditional rod type cylinder, the total space occupied with rod out is more than double the length of the cylinder, while with rodless cylinder it is little more than its stroke. Profiled tube allows mounting of sensors 1500._, RS._, and 1580._, MRS._, MHS._ on the two sides of carriage, by means of suitable brackets. Standard accessories include foot mouning brackets for installation on cylinder and caps, intermediate mounting brackets to give support to long stroke cylinders under load (over one metre), an oscillating coupling device for installation between the mounting plate and the load and on request, a very precise external movement device.

Construction characteristics

End coversanodised aluminium
Barrelanodised aluminium
Bandstempered stainless steel
Mounting placeanodised aluminium
Pistonacetal resin
Guide blocksacetal resin
Cushion bearingsaluminium
Piston sealsspecial 80 shore nitril mixture, wear resistant
Ohter sealsNBR oil-resistant rubber

Technical characteristics

Fluidfiltered and lubricated air
Pressure0.5 - 8 bar
Working temperature-5 ํC - + 70 ํC
Max. speed1.5 m/sec. (normal working conditions)
BoresØ25 - 32 - 40 -50 -63
Max. strokes6 m
Please follow the suggestions below to ensure a long life for thees cylinders.
  • user clean and lubricated air
  • Please adequately evaluate the load involved and its direction, especially in respect to the moving carriage (also see tables for loads and admitted moments).
  • avoid high speeds together with long strokes and heavy loads: this would produce kinetic energy which the cylinder cannot absorb, especially if used as a limit stop (in this case use mechanical stop device)
  • evaluate the environmental characteristics of cylinder used (high temperature, hard atmosphere, dust, humidity etc.)

Please note : air must be dried for applications with lower temperature.

User hydraulic oils H class (ISO Vg32) for correct continued lubrication.
Our Technical Department will be glad to help.

For applications where a low smooth uniform operations speed is required, you must specify this on your purchase order so that we can use the proper special grease.

Use and Maintenance

This type of cylinder, due to its characteristics, has to be used within certain criteria. Correct use will give long and troublefree operation. Filtered and lubricated compressed air reduce seal wear. Verify that the load will not produce unforreseen stresses. Never combine high speed with heavy load. Always support the long stroke cylinder with intermediate brackets and never exceed the specified working conditions.
If maintenance is required, follow the instructions supplied with the repair kit.

Basic version

Ordering code
1605.Ø.stroke.01.M (Max. stroke 6 mt.)

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